A little about me
I am John Wiencek a.k.a. Johnny Upsidedown. I was born in the late 60's and grew up in Dallas, Texas where my love for amusement parks and the rides in them began. For most of my child hood we would make the yearly family visit to Six Flags Over Texas along with the state fair and local carnivals to ride rides. In the beginning roller coasters were a bit scary as they are for most kids but loved to ride them. During the 1990's I made a move to Florida which opened up a new world of amusement park experiences. Along came the Internet and finding out that there are clubs of people that share this amazing hobby of riding roller coasters. In 1999 I joined the American Coaster Enthusiasts, the European Coaster Club and the Florida Coaster Club. I then began to travel and really explore all aspects or roller coasters. From park tours to riding events and all kinds of special events with tours to explore the engineering behind the rides and how they work. Since 1999 I have been able to travel and visit a lot of parks from around the United States and continue to travel to this day. My web site is a collection of my roller coaster and amusement park photography.  I started the web site in July of 2000 as Johnny Upsidedown's World.  I later changed the name and registered the site as JOHNNYUPSIDEDOWN.COM in early 2001. The site contains my documentation of my travels and all interests to amusement parks.
All About Me and the Roller Coaster Website