Stacked Up Update September 15th, 2012
Today I was able to make a visit to meet the owner of the Starliner roller coaster and see the trains in storage. Currently the Starliner is in the Tampa Bay area at the Ride Werks facility. So how did the Starliner end up here. I got to meet the owner of the coaster Joe Cadmus today and got to get the story of how the Starliner was saved. Ride Werks was doing some dismantle work and removal of rides from the closed Cypress Gardens park in Winter Haven.  At one time back in 2010 the ride was almost sold to a park but the deal fell through for various reasons. In the end Legoland the new owners of the old Cypress Gardens park decided to tear down the Starliner roller coaster as it was felt the ride did not fit into there line up. So Ride Werks made an offer to purchase the roller coaster but they were given 25 days to get the roller coaster down. Ironically the original Starliner was also given 3 weeks to remove the ride from its home at Miracle Strip Amusement Park in Panama City Beach, Florida. So in August of 2010 I went by the park and shot these photos of the dismantled Starliner. Then in February of this year I happened to find the Starliner roller coaster on some property here in Florida using Google Maps. The Starliner bents for the most part have been saved, the trains, and most of the other mechanical equipment have also been saved. Currently the roller coasters structure is stacked, banded, labeled and under tarps.  I also was told that the Starliner is still for sale. There is one possible option that is Pier Park in Panama City Beach, Florida has shown some interest in maybe one day rebuilding the Starliner. One other thing of interest that the owners are considering donating the old Starliner train to the National Roller Coaster Museum as the park used to have one of the original train cars on display. So below are some photos of the train cars and some of the other equipment associated with the Starliner roller coaster. Then further below are some photos of the Starliners structure taken from Google as documentation of its existence.
Starliner Construction Updates for September 2012

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Stacked Up Photos