Steel Vengeance
Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio
Tallest, Fastest, Wildest
Cedar Point's FrontierTown will be transformed when Steel Vengeance - the tallest, fastest and longest hybrid roller coaster in the world - opens in the spring of 2018. At more than 200 feet tall, the new hybrid design combines a steel running track on a massive wooden structure that provides an extremely smooth and comfortable ride while enabling the coaster's trains to perform maneuvers previously unheard of on a wooden roller coaster. Steel Vengeance will offer riders unmatched intensity through a relentless series of dynamic movements on this innovative coaster. Riders will board one of three trains and climb 205 feet above FrontierTown. Once they crest the lift hill, they'll be staring straight down a 90-degree initial drop and a 200-foot fall to earth. Multiple airtime hills follow, including the world's fastest airtime hill ever created on a hybrid roller coaster, and a 116-foot-tall outer-banked hill placing riders on an outward tilt while moving forward. Graphics Courtesy of Cedar Point.

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