Wonder Woman Coaster
Six Flags Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
Wonder Women Free Spins in to Mexico
 Six Flags Mexico, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products representing DC Entertainment, launched the first and only free-flying roller coaster in 2018. This unique design roller coaster is based in the superheroine-WONDER WOMAN. This intrepid and innovative mountain will offer its visitors a completely new experience, where when they get into their seats they will be suspended at the sides of the road, allowing them to rotate in a random way on approximately six occasions. "Six Flags is a leader in innovation and extreme thrills, with the inclusion of this roller coaster will be the first of its kind in Mexico and Latin America," said James Geiser, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Six Flags Corporation. "The unique features of a design extended to the sides of the rails, make those who climb to it give twists in their seat multiple times. This heroic roller coaster WONDER WOMAN Coaster will become our visitors' favorite and will be one more reason to visit us. "In the new WONDER WOMAN Coaster roller coaster, visitors will rise to a height of approximately 12 stories at a 90 angle degrees, immediately begin to swing in their seats forwards and backwards and make full turns during the course of the corrugated road. As well as this superheroine WONDER WOMAN shows its value, those who climb on this new roller coaster should show the courage and courage to face the unexpected turns that will accelerate your heart during free falls. Innovative design in their face-to-face seats of this free-flying mountain. Five vehicles with 8 passengers each. A vertical ascent of more than 34 meters of height on a single elevator. Two unexpected drops that will give the sensation of free fall during the tour.

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