Lets Make America Fun Again!
Today we are excited to announce our HUGE deal with The Gravity Group, an American based company out of Cincinnati, Ohio. As part of the deal The Gravity Group will custom design a new Roller Coaster that will be built for Fun Spot America's Kissimmee,Florida location. John Arie Jr, Fun Spot America's CEO stated, "This is HUGE news not just for us but the city of Kissimmee as this will be the only wooden roller coaster in the southeast United States that will feature a 360 degree barrel roll. This roller coaster will be completely unique and thrilling, we have worked tirelessly with the Gravity Group to design a ride that will be a must ride coaster for any thrill seeker and coaster enthusiast, definitely bucket list worthy. We are still working through the theming, naming rights and sponsorship opportunities but with over two million visitors to our parks each year we do expect to move forward quickly on these opportunities. This is HUGE news for all of us in this community as we all continue to raise the bar and level of expectations when guests visit our city. Let's Make America Fun Again!" Fun Spot America will be making an investment of $6 Million dollars for this new addition. This project will add 50 new jobs to the local economy during construction. Fun Spot America will also add an additional 20 new full time positions once the new Roller Coaster opens in June of 2017. Here are some of the ride specifications:Track Length: 2256 feet, Lift Height: 82 feet, First Drop: 80.5 feet, Maximum Bank Angle: 115 degrees,11 different air times with a Top Speed: 48.5 MPH.
Mine Blower Roller Coaster Announcement

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