Gale Force
Castaway Cove
Ocean City, New Jersey

New Roller Coaster for Playlands Castaway Cove
The S&S LSM Triple Launch Coaster will offer visitors to the New Jersey shore an exciting, high-powered ride experience that does not exist anywhere else in the world. The ingenious design of the three launches (one forward, one backward, and a final forward launch at 64 mph) provides an amazing ride experience on a coaster that has a very small footprint. S&S has packed the ride design with an unbelievable number of exciting elements, including a 125-foot crest, the pure rush of a 100-degree downdrop at a pulse-racing 59 mph, a 180-degree twisting climb, an off-camber dive drop, a corked roll, a top hat twist, and a raven dive.

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