Flug der Damonen
Heide Park
Soltau, Germany
Flight Slayer the new Wing roller coaster!
Flight Slayer, Germany's first wing coaster located at Heide Park. Come along as it presses you with four times your body weight on his wings. You have nothing above and nothing under you as the demon rages at breathtaking speed around seven obstacles. But no one can stop them. They want your soul and rob you for it with eight maneuvers during different orientations. Flying demons were conjured up by villagers. The destiny since they always need new souls to renew their energy, to become stronger and continue their flight. The villagers sacrifice the souls of visitors to save their own souls by offering them to the ride. You'll never be yourself again. Are you doomed? Or can you save your soul?
Technical specifications
Wing coaster built 2014 manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard.
With seating of 24 passengers per train with a 3 minute ride time.
Track length of 772 m with a height of 40m and speed up to 100 km / h with g-forces up to 4 g. Investment of 15 million euros for the new roller coaster.

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