Iron Rattler
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas
 Iron Rattle Strikes at Fiesta Texas!
Six Flags Fiesta Texas announces plans to unveil its newest addition and structural landmark as the highly anticipated hybrid coaster Iron Rattler will make its dashing debut next spring at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The Iron Rattler will be a unique technological marvel combining a classic wooden support structure with modern track and rails crafted of steel, allowing for unprecedented smooth and swift over-banked turns and inversions never before experienced on either a traditional steel or wooden coaster. Utilizing state-of-the-art Iron Horse Track™©® the innovative Iron Rattler will provide four over-banked turns, the most of any hybrid coaster today, and will be the first to deliver an inverted barrel roll for an awe-inspiring adventure in and around the surrounding 100-ft. quarry wall setting! With its unique construction, the Iron Rattler will have: A staggering drop of 171 feet with an amazing drop angle of 81 degrees. A blazing top speed of 70 mph with four over-banked turns more than any other hybrid coaster  And the first of its kind to feature a completely inverted barrel roll. The track will be constructed by Rocky Mountain Construction Group, who helped design the New Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas.

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