Worlds of Fun
Kansas City, Missouri

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KANSAS CITY, MO Deep in the woods of Worlds of Fun a dangerous predator lurks, ready to shred those fighting to escape the claws of the new PROWLER roller coaster. Beginning in spring 2009, guests at Worlds of Fun amusement park in Kansas City, Missouri, become prey to PROWLER, a beast of a wooden coaster tangled within the park's forested terrain. The two-and-a-half minute high speed chase begins with the ride's only feature above the trees' cover, a swooping
85 foot plummet into a ravine. After the spiral plunge, the train rips through a seemingly endless amount of high speed hills and sharply banked turns that hug the wooded land below. With a top speed of 51 MPH, riders grasped in the clutches of PROWLER carve a path with powerful but smooth changes of direction, speed, and elevation. Prowler is an $8 million investment and is located in the Africa section of the park near the Zulu thrill ride. The classic wood structure blends through a forest of unique terrain, creating a total elevation change of 102 feet throughout the course of the 3,074 foot ride.
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