A New Red White and Blue Coaster on the Horizon
Patriot is the longest, tallest, fastest inverted roller coaster in the region and the largest capital expenditure on a single attraction in Worlds of Fun history. In just over two minutes this roller coaster delivers the ultimate amusement park adventure, by exposing riders to height, speed and a seamless transition of gravity-defying elements. Hanging beneath the overhead track, the train climbs a 149-foot lift to plunge down a 123-foot curved drop reaching a speed of nearly 60 miles-per-hour. Riders are then disoriented as they fly through seven gravity-defying elements, including an 89-foot tall Vertical Loop, Zero-Gravity Roll, Immelmann Loop, Inclined Banked Curve, S-curve, Corkscrew, and a high-speed Spiral. With 3,081 feet of seemingly endless, out-of-control, tubular steel track, Patriot is the perfect addition to Worlds of Fun's impressive line-up of world-class roller coasters.
Patriot Roller Coaster Announcement

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