Six Flags Magic Mountain
Valencia, California

Construction Update June 17th, 2002
Scream! combines traditional roller coaster technology with a unique floorless train design. Riders are strapped into "flying chairs" racing at intense speed with their feet dangling in the air -- no track above their head, no coach around their seats -- screaming thru a series of Xtreme maneuvers up-and-over seven 360-degree inversions, flying thru numerous twists & turns that span 4,000 feet of track for a thrilling three minute Xtreme rush! Scream! sends riders, strapped in 32 passenger trains, soaring through the sky beginning with a 150-foot-tall first drop at 65 mph directly into a huge 128-foot vertical loop. Riders then plunge into a gut-wrenching 96-foot dive loop followed by a dramatic heartline camelback designed specifically to enhance the feeling of flying. There is no time to rest as riders are immediately swept into a cobra roll at 78-feet above the ground before plunging straight down for a high-speed sharp turn only to plunge down once again into a nearly 90-degree high-speed helix. Rounding out the "flight," guests will scream over a banked turn before racing over a speed hill followed by two interlocking corkscrews. Then it's one more high speed hill before finally arriving back in the station ... whew!

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