Superman Ultimate Flight
Six Flags Over Georgia
Austell, Georgia

Construction Update
The Superman Ultimate Flight adventure begins as passengers board the sleek, 28-seat train sitting four abreast. As the train exits the station, passengers tilt face-first into flying position, suspended from the track above. The anticipation builds as passengers, secured by specially designed over-the-shoulder harnesses and lap bars, climb the 115-foot lift hill with nothing but a bird's eye view below. Upon take-off, the ride enters a series of sharp dives, high-banked curves and spirals uniquely designed to enhance the flying experience. The signature feature of Superman Ultimate Flight comes as riders sail through the first-ever, 78-foot, pretzel-shaped inverted loop, climbing to the top of the large looping figure and diving into a curve which brings them amazingly close to the ground, amplifying the sensational feelings of flying. Rounding out the flight is a surprising 360 degree in-line roll just before the train enters the station, turning average thrill-seekers into high-flying super heroes. Superman Ultimate Flight's remarkable flight pattern covers more than 2759-feet of tortuously twisted steel track reaching speeds of 60 mph. As passengers take flight in the space-age train, the track above is virtually invisible creating an intense sensation that makes the nearly three minute ride seem much, much faster. Photos Courtesy of Bob Armstrong.

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