Hypersonic XLC
Paramount's Kings Dominion
Dosewell, Virginia

Construction Update from 2001
Inspiration can strike a person at any moment. For Stan Checketts, his love of high-speed snowmobiling in the mountains surrounding his Utah home inspired him to create what thrill ride industry experts have dubbed "THE Thrill Ride of The New Millennium - HyperSonic XLC™." The innovative new coaster ride idea came to Stan one day while traversing a near-vertical hill on one of his souped-up, custom-designed snowmobiles. He began wondering if it would be possible to take one of his vertical tower rides, lay the structure on it's side and launch a roller coaster car using the same technology. Checketts' creative ingenuity set the roller coaster world on its ear when S&S Power later announced that they had designed the world's first air-launched roller coaster. The clean, efficient power of compressed air not only was capable of launching a roller coaster - it was capable of launching one FAST! 0-80 miles-per-hour in a staggering 1.8 seconds to be exact. That type of acceleration was unheard of in the coaster world and the theme park industry was quick to take notice. But the innovations didn't stop with the method of propulsion. The new design also included special shock absorbers and pneumatic (air-filled) tires that were designed to provide an unbelievably smooth ride.

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