Gliding Across the Sea!
May 2009 sees the opening of Manta at SeaWorld Orlando - a world-first combined coaster and marine-life attraction that captures the speed, power and grace of the mysterious manta ray. A cutting edge marriage of steel and sea, Manta will immerse visitors in a mesmerising underwater universe with close-up views of rays and colourful sea creatures, before 'flying' riders facedown in giant manta ray shaped carriages. Visitors will soar through the air and skim across water, flying at speeds approaching 60mph, heights up to 140ft and through four inversions. Non-riders will also be able to experience Manta, through memorable face-to-fin encounters within a 7-acre, uniquely SeaWorld. Thousands of fish and over 300 rays from five different species will float past floor-to-ceiling windows with fluidity and grace in a view new to SeaWorld.
Manta Roller Coaster Announcement

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