Manta Media Day
Below are photos of Manta from Media Day at Sea World Florida.
The photos below were taken May 21st, 2009.
Media Day!
Today I was invited out to Sea World Florida for Media Day for the new ride Manta a B&M flying roller coaster. So I shot some photos of some of the fish tanks and a few other things inside the non riding section. The highlight of the day for me was getting an onride video which they called Manta Cam shot by the park on Manta. Was also able to do a small interview with Brian Morrow Director of Engineering one of the main people responsible for Mantas creation. I asked about the creation process of Manta and some of the things they did with Manta. Overall it was a short visit, got a few more rides, saw some cool fish and got to shoot a video making for a great visit. Many thanks to Sea World Florida for the opportunity to attend the media day activities for there new roller coaster Manta.  
This set of photos were taken May 21st, 2009.
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Manta Media Day
Brian Morrow Director of Design Engineering of Sea World in front of Manta.
Below is a video so come take a ride with me on Manta.
Some signs and my media badge along with a small photo of my Park Rep that rode with me.
Some photos of the Leafy Sea Dragon fish in one of the tanks.
Photos below of a cool pop up tank, the first photos are what you see in the darkness and the last is a flash.
Photos below some of the main tank and to the right are the under water area one no flash one flash.
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If not working download the video HERE .