Up From the Depths!
Surge through a shipwreck reef as the shark and experience the ocean as an apex predator on SeaWorld's all-new hypercoaster, Mako, Orlando's tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster. This class of roller coasters is known for multiple, tall hills and high speeds, providing near weightless "air time." Some coaster enthusiasts say that hypercoasters are the essence of the extreme coaster experience. As guests anticipate boarding the coaster, even the queue brings them into an undersea theme. Riders feel as though they are floating under a pier, winding through shipwrecks and shadows.
Some basic facts about the ride.
200 foot tall lift hill, 73 MPH top speed, 9 airtime hills and
 4760 feet long with 1864 feet over water all on 7 acres of land.
Mako Roller Coaster Announcement

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