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Roller Coaster and Ride Patents # 3
Above is the first known patent for a modern roller coaster.
Rotator Tower
Folding Coaster
U Shaped Coaster
Ball Coaster
Lay Down
Polar Coaster Tower
Rotatable Track
Multi Access Spin
Carry and Ride
Zack Spin Coaster
Coaster Track
4 D Concept
Drag Racing
Side Mount
Jumping Motion
Gravity Coaster
Individual Rotating
Full Range Motion
Flying Turns
Articulated Joint
Coaster Slide
Ball Coaster
Rotational Car
Surf Coaster
Traveling Mouse
Leaning Seats
Jet Coaster
Coaster Railway
Coaster Railway
Coaster Railway
Track Switch
Coaster Track
Onboard Sound
Moonsault Scramble
Folding Coaster
Single Seat
Unique & Unusual Roller Coaster Patents
Universal Roller Coaster Patents
Gnezdilov Roller Coaster Patents
Portable & Backyard Roller Coaster Patents
Traver Roller Coaster Patents
Big Dipper
Two Seat
Coaster Seat
Roller Coaster