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Roller Coaster and Ride Patents # 2
Above is the first known patent for a modern roller coaster.
Inline Coaster Car
Inline Coaster
Wood Stack Track
Iron Horse Track
Dragster Simulation
Locking Lapbar
Height Check
3 D Motion
Fold Down Seats
Anti Roll Back
Coaster Car
Radial Mount
Power Decopler
Flying Concept
Pivot Cars
Speed Control
Magnetic Brake
Standup Restraints
Cable Lift
Multi Seating
Helical Track
Pedal Power
Suspended Cars
Overhead Track
Self Powered
Paddle Launch
Circular Ride
Elevator Lift
Hydraulic Launch
Water Coaster
Chain Lift
Coaster Wheel
Shuttle Coaster
Figure 8
Magnetic Brake
Disney Roller Coaster Patents
RMC Roller Coaster Patents
Ride Tec Roller Coaster Patents
Mack Roller Coaster Patents
Various Mechanical Roller Coaster Patents
TOGO Coaster Patents
Anton Schwarzkopf Roller Coaster Patents
Multi Track
Coaster Wheel
Invertigo Lift