Experience Kissimmee Film Shoot
Sea World
Orlando, Florida
October 25th, 2016
Event Details
Today I was invited to Sea World in Orlando, Florida by the American Coaster Enthusiasts to take part in a photo shoot on Mako roller coaster. Experience Kissimmee was doing some photos for publication and needed riders to fill the seats. We arrived to the park for an 8:00 am check in and a walk around the park to Mako for our 8:30 am shoot time. Time for some rides as we filled the seats and off we rode for 3 rides of photos. After the photos were done we signed our waivers and back on the coaster we went. The park did not open for another half an hour but we were told to ride if we wanted. Turns out that it was not only the half  hour but the next hour too as we could just ride with nobody in the park. If a row was empty we were allowed to re ride the ride. Just so happens 27 rides in a row later most of us had our fill of Mako. Always a great time doing these film shoots and even better to get tons of rides in a row on a great roller coaster. Many thanks to the America Coaster Enthusiasts and Sea World for the invite to the park to participate in the Experience Kissimmee photo shoot.

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Mako Roller Coaster Photos