Season Pass Preview
Sea World
Orlando, Florida
June 8th, 2016
Event Details
Today I was invited to Sea World in Orlando, Florida for the Season Pass Preview of the new Mako roller coaster. The ride is a hyper style roller coaster built by B&M themed to a shark. The ride looks amazing and the over all theme is incredible. I arrived at 6:30 pm for check in and waited until 7:30 pm when the ride was to open to all guests. The line started off slow with more then a 1000 people at the park for the event. After a few laps the line kept getting shorter and shorter by ride 10 the ride was a walk on. The end of the event came after ride 10 when the ride operators called for last ride and told the last of us we could hope back on Mako to close the event. I got 11 rides during the Pass Holder Preview event with my first ride in the back row and second ride in the front. The rest of the night was a number of middle seat rides. With last ride being in the back row. So how does Mako run and what kind of experience do you get. The first drop is amazing providing a huge amount of air time as you drop. A small flat part and up into the first turn which is more then 90 degrees banked. Coming out of the turn its back on the acceleration into a huge air time hill with tons of floating air time as you dive back down. Flying into the hammer head turn and back around to another air time hill. A little tug on a speed brake to keep the rest of the ride enjoyable. Up the next hill for a cool out of seat dive to the right with a nice head chopper. The next hill is a low ejector air hill with an amazing out of seat experience. Up into the mid brake run and down for another airtime hill. The remainder of the ride is a series of hills with over banked turns and swooping turns. Final pass low over the water and you slide into the final brake run. The ride is amazing, has lots of airtime and some unique twists and turns. Sea World really knocked it out of the park with this one.

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Mako Roller Coaster Photos