Spring Time at Carwinds
Charlotte, Indiana
April 6th, 2014
Event Details
Today I decided to head to Carowinds located near Charlotte, North Carolina. I arrived at the park to process my season pass and hit a few rides. The park was pretty empty which makes for short lines and lots of rides. I wanted to spend some time riding Intimidator a B&M Hyper coaster style roller coaster. The line was maybe a couple train wait at first and over a couple hours would dwindle to only a one train or walk on wait times. I was able to get about 30 rides during my time on Intimidator. I then headed over to Afterburn for a few rides. Checked out the new paint on Ricochet and took a few photos of the new turn work done in the off season on Hurler. Interesting the new brackets and other things used to try and improve the ride. Overall it was a fun visit with lots of rides but not so many photos this trip.

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Afterburn, Ricochet and Hurler Roller Coaster Photos