Rip Roarin Rampage Returns
Alabama Splash Adventure
Bessemer, Alabama
October 25th, 2014
Event Details
Today I attended the Rip Roarin Rampage event held by the Southeast Region of the American Coaster Enthusiasts. The event was held at Alabama Splash Adventure located near Bessemer, Alabama. I arrived to the park for a 5:30 pm check in. I picked up my registration package which contained a Halloween grab bag with a key chain, glow necklace, a few other items and a polo style shirt with the parks logo on it. The event began as we gathered for dinner and Q & A with park owner Dan Koch and the Koch family. Also during dinner an auction was held for cool park memorabilia. After dinner it was time for 4 hours of exclusive ride time on the Rampage roller coaster and a fun kiddie roller coaster called the Centipede. The Rampage which has been closed for 3 years due to the parks former owner going out of business. The new owners of the park have spent over 6 months and 1.5 million dollars to rebuild the Rampage roller coaster with new track, some structural repair, brakes, lift chain and new trains. Overall it was a fun night with a good dinner, lots of rides on the Rampage and a few rides on the kiddie roller coaster. Below are a few photos from the event of both roller coasters and a few park photos.  

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Park, Rampage and Centi-Speed Roller Coaster Photos