Insane Coaster Wars
Busch Gardens
Tampa, Florida
May 31st, 2013
Event Details
Time for a little film time on Kumba at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. The Discovery Channel has a show called Insane Coaster Wars a show all about roller coasters. They were at the park to film some of its rides and needed fill ins. Around 15 or so members of the American Coaster Enthusiasts were invited along with 20 or so former and current employees and friends. After our check in, waver sign and photo done to be a fill in actor for the Indigo Film Company.  There were 4 actors that rode in the front seat as part of the show. The filming was a typical film session, where you get a ride they adjust cameras, mess with sound and other various things to setup the shots and another ride or two. Many different types of film equipment were used including a small remote control helicopters. After the rides concluded we were asked to do a survey as part of the show where you can rank how the coaster rides, with G force, airtime and several other categories. After things were done we got to stay in the park for the day. Overall it was a pretty cool filming and always great to get some rides on a great roller coaster. Many thanks to ACE and Busch Gardens for the invite to the filming.

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Kumba Roller Coaster Photos