3D Net Filming on Sheikra
Busch Gardens
Tampa, Florida
January 21st, 2011
Event Details
Today I was invited to Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida to be an extra for a new network being put together by the Discovery Channel. The new network is called 3D Net and will feature 3D productions. Todays filming is for a future show about experiencing the thrill. Eight members of the American Coaster Enthusiasts arrived at the park to participate in the filming on Sheikra a dive coaster built by B&M. Members of the club arrived for a 7:30 am check in with the usual photo releases to be signed for being an actor/extra. We were then escorted into the park and onto location. We rode Sheikra 2 times during the filmings with on ride video and off ride video being shot. Overall it was a standard filming and always a fun time getting some rides. Below are some photos from the filming showing Sheikra and some of the film equipment.

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Sheikra Roller Coaster Photos