Gwazi Train Preview
Busch Gardens
Tampa, Florida
January 20th, 2011
Event Details
Today I was invited to Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida to experience the new trains that have been installed on Gwazi a Dueling Racing wooden roller coaster built by Great Coasters International. Gwazi originally opened in 1999 with PTC trains and this year they decided to change the trains to a new type of train called Millennium Flyers. The new trains have a very open feel to them and they are designed to provide a smoother ride experience. I arrived at the park for an 8:30 am check in and around 9 am we were greeted by Mark Rose, Vice President of design and engineering at the park. Mark talked a bit about the new trains and the process of making the transition to the new trains. The park decided a little more then two years ago to look into adding the new trains and see how well they would work on Gwazi. Part of the process they decided to also re-track both sides of the roller coaster in preparation for the new trains. So how well do the new trains run on Gwazi. I guess the simplest description is Gwazi is now re-ridable and you don't get beat up or a headache. The new trains are a vast improvement from the old PTC trains. The new trains provide a much smoother feel and have gotten rid of the chattering that the old trains used to have. The speed in the drops seems to have increased with the new trains and the roller coaster has a much more powerful feel to it. Overall I was very impressed with the new trains and how much improved the ride experience is.

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Gwazi Roller Coaster Train Photos