Bert the Conqueror on Dragons Challenge
Islands of Adventure
Orlando, Florida
December 15th, 2010
Event Details
Today I was invited to Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida to be an extra for a Travel Channel filming for an upcoming show. The new show being aired later this year is called Bert The Conqueror a show about a guy pushing his fears on some of the latest thrill rides and roller coasters from around the USA. Around 20 members of the American Coaster Enthusiasts arrived at the park to be extras on Dragons Challenge a dueling inverted roller coaster built by B&M. We arrived for a 6:00 am check in with the usual photo releases to be signed for being an actor/extra. We were then escorted into the park and onto location. We rode Dragons Challenge 6 times during various filmings with on ride video and off ride video being done. We also did various activities around the ride with Bert chants and lots of cheering. The filming was a great time, we got lots of rides and generally had a real fun time. Below are some photos from the filming showing Dragons Challenge, Bert and a shot of me and a good friend.

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Dragons Challenge Roller Coaster Photos