Winter Safari 10
Busch Gardens
Tampa, Florida
February 3rd, 2008
Event Details
The Florida Coaster Club arrived at Busch Gardens Tampa to celebrate the clubs 10th Anniversary at the place that it all began. Around 70 members of the club gathered for an hour of exclusive ride time on Montu an inverted roller coaster. It was a very foggy morning which made for a very unique ride session as the fog was thick and you really couldn't see the ride. After our ride time most of the group headed over to Sheikra for some group rides. The club gathered for lunch at the Zambia Smokehouse and some coaster chit-chat after which I went and did some photos of some of the rides as the fog cleared and it turned into a beautiful day. All and all it was another great event and its always great to get private ride time on a roller coaster. Happy Birthday to the Florida Coaster Club and hope to have another great 10 years of rides and fun times.

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Various Rides and Roller Coaster Photos