Starliner Media Day
Cypress Gardens
Winter Haven, Florida
July 12th, 2007
Event Details
Well today was the day for the first of this weekends events with the Starliner roller coaster. I arrived at the park for the morning ribbon cutting and rides like a normal media event. The owner of the park Kent Buescher was on hand for the announcement of the rides opening with lots of information about the Starliners history and about Cypress Gardens history. Now came the bad news that the new coaster was just not going to open to the public today. So since the roller coaster wasn't going to open today the park gave everybody a front of the line pass good for one time on the Starliner once it opens and cool Starliner t-shirts were handed out. So yes I was a little disappointed with not getting to ride but turns out that I and a few other club members were in for a big surprise. The five of us were invited by the park to be temporary employees. The owner of the park gave us a little interview and we were paid 1 dollar for one hours work testing the coaster which was the only way we were able to ride. We got to ride 4 times with the owner of the park, we got locked in the restraints by the owner of the company that rebuilt the Starliner. I was probably the first of 35 people to ever ride the roller coaster, wow does membership have its priviledge. It was so awesome to get to ride the Starliner especially on a day when only a lucky few employees got to ride the ride. So how was the ride, well guess its about as expected for those that like the old nostalgic wooden coasters you will love it. Lots of medium floaty air and some slammers on a few of the bunny hills. The ride is a lot of fun for a medium sized wooden coaster. The trains are new and comfortable with lots of room in the seat especially with the single lap bar. Well it was a great day at the park and was a pleasure to meet the park owners and managers and get some rides on the Starliner.

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