Patriot Media Day
Worlds of Fun
Kansas City, Missouri
April 6th, 2006
Event Details
Today I had the opportunity to attend the Patriot Media Day event at Worlds of Fun to celebrate the opening of there new roller coaster Patriot. I arrived at 5:30 am to be a fill in for the media broadcasts that were being done by the local media. I spent the early morning hours getting lots of rides on Patriot an inverted roller coaster built by B&M. The new roller coaster features a drop, loop, zero-G roll, immelman, high bank turn, fly over the station into a flat spin around into the brake run. The official announcement of Patriot came around 9:30 am with the General Manager Phil Binder doing the honors. After the announcement everybody enjoyed several more hours of riding Patriot along with some lunch that was provided by the park. I ended up riding Patriot around 60 times during the preview event. Below are some photos from Patriot Media Day showing the announcement, a few photos of the ride, a crystal display gift and my onride photo. Click the link below to view lots more Patriot photos from the Media Preview. Many thanks to Worlds of Fun for the invite into this special Media Preview I had a blast on the new roller coaster Patriot.

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Patriot Roller Coaster Photos