Fall Freak Out Day 2
Geauga Lake
Aurora, Ohio
September 17th, 2006
Event Details
Fall Freak Out continues with the second day of the weekends events in Ohio. Around 130 members and freinds of the Great Ohio Coaster Club arrived for another fantastic day of roller coasters and park activities. The day began with a 9 am check in with morning breakfast and then a few announcements from the GOCC. After breakfast our two hour exclusive ride time began with rides on Dominator, Raging Wolf Bobs and several other roller coasters that were in operation for our riding pleasure. I headed straight for Dominator a great B&M built floorless coaster. I spent the entire two hour ride session on Dominator. Non-stop riding for morning ERT as we were allowed to stay in the same seat if you liked, so I stayed and got over 35 laps in a row. What a fantastic way to start a day. We were provided a meal voucher to use for a meal and that was about it for the event. I couldnt stay long but had time to enjoy a few of the other rides and shoot some photos. Many thanks to the GOCC for the invite to the event it was a great day at the park. Below are some photos of some of the coasters at the park.

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Wolf Bobs, Batman and X Flight Roller Coaster Photos