Fall Freak Out Day 1
Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio
September 16th, 2006
Event Details
Fall Freak Out time has come as around 130 members and freinds of the Great Ohio Coaster Club gathered for a fantastic day of rides. This event began with a 6:30 am check in and short greeting from Cedar Point. The club had arranged for a one hour exclusive ride time on Millennium Force an IntaminAG Giga coaster with a 300 foot drop. They had three trains operating and we were allowed to walk directly from the unloading area to the boarding station and back on the ride, if you were quick you could be on the next train so no waiting at all. The park also extending our ride time by an extra half hour so I was able to get around 25 rides on my favorite roller coaster Millennium Force. We then did a couple of group photos and headed for more rides in the park as Cedar Point allows pass holders early entry to the park. Lunch was served to the group and we were shown a video of there new roller coaster Maverick that is currently under construction. The event concluded with an hour of ride time on Magnum after park closing. I spent most the day riding rides and doing some photos.  Many thanks to the Great Ohio Coaster Club for the invite to the event I had a blast. Below are some photos of some of the rides including Skyhawk, Raptor.

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Rides, Mantis and Raptor Roller Coaster Photos