Rumbler Construction Tour
Beech Bend Park
Bowling Green, Kentucky
March 19th, 2006
Event Details
Today I visited Beech Bend Park located in Bowling Green, Kentucky for an American Coaster Enthusiasts event. The Kentucky Rumbler construction tour began with an 11:00 am check in and a short walk over to the new roller coaster. We gathered in front of the new roller coaster for a short introduction by park owner Dallas Jones and members of the Jones Family along with members of Great Coasters Inc manufactures of the Kentucky Rumbler. We were broken up into two groups to make the tours manageable as there were around 45 people that arrived for the tour. My group led by Clair of GCII began with a direct walk straight under the coaster and into the structure. I was not prepared for the closeness that we were able to get to the new ride. Lots of photos were shot from inside the track and even under the track. Part of our tour included a short walk down part of the track which was really awesome. Following our tour we enjoyed pizza and cookies to finish off the days event.  But wait as lunch concluded the new roller coaster started up and the train ran its course to our surprise. However the real surprise is that Beech Bend asked us to participate in a special commercial filming so to everybodys amazement we were allowed to ride the new roller coaster. It was an awesome end to a great event and especially since I was one of the first 50 people ever to ride the new ride. Below are some photos showing people on the tour and you can

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Kentucky Rumbler Roller Coaster Photos