National Geographic Shoot
Sea World
Orlando, Florida
August 22nd, 2005
Event Details
Well time again for a little extra coaster activities as the Florida Coaster Club was invited to Sea World in Orlando, Florida for some film time. The National Geographic film division was filming footage on Kraken for an upcoming special they are producing and needed riders to fill the train for the filming. Checkin at 7:00 am and ready for some ride time as around 25 club members arrived for the filming. The filmings usually consist of camera setup time and then you get a couple rides followed by more camera adjustments and more ride time. We were able to get 5 rides of film time on Kraken and every body had a great time. Thanks to the National Geographic and Sea World Florida for the invite to do these special filmings. Photos of the film equipment, some photos of Kraken and the group photo are below.

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Kraken Roller Coaster Photos