Preservation Conference Part 2
S&S Power Amusement Park
Logan, Utah
July 29th, 2005
Event Details
 Next we were invited to go to S&S's new amusement park which is currently under construction. They had a Screamin Swing ride in operation and one of Stan's new rides known as the Boomer (not official ride name).  A ride in which you are dropped from a 360 foot tower into a tube which stops the falling car by air trapped in the tube. The wild part of the ride is the noise it makes when the car enters the tube as the air explodes from the ride creating a large sonic boom. Also at the new park is an Insane ride, a gocart track and some putt putt golf courses. Over all S&S really rolled out the red carpet for  everybody and we had a fantastic time at the S&S facilities. Many thanks to the American Coaster Enthusiasts and to S&S Power for opening the doors to there facilities for a fantastic day. Below you will find 54 various photos from the factory tour and the new S&S Amusement Park.

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