Winter Safari 6
Busch Gardens
Tampa, Florida
February 1st, 2004
Event Details
Busch Gardens Tampa was the place for another Florida Coaster Club gathering. This time to celebrate where the FLCC began as it was Five years ago the Lynch family started the FLCC. To celebrate our anniversary the FLCC hosted Winter Safari. Around 60 members and friends arrived for some roller coaster rides and lots of fun. Busch Gardens was very generous in offering an hour of Exclusive Ride Time on Montu which was the first ever ERT session at the park. So we all played musical chairs as you would just grab an empty seat and be ready to ride. We all had a great time during the ERT session which is such a great privilege. The rest of the day most of the club went from ride to ride and show to show. The park was very empty due to the chance of rain and cloudy skies which made for lots of rides and many re-rides on all the rides at the park. Happy Birthday to the FLCC it has been a great 5 years. Below are some photos from the park and a couple of the new roller coaster Cheetah Chase.

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Montu and Cheetah Chase Roller Coaster Photos