Roll Dem Bones
Sea World
Orlando, Florida
October 15th, 2003
Event Details
The Florida Coaster Club is at it again. This time Sea World in Orlando, Florida invited club members to the park for a Halloween publicity stunt commercial shoot. This time around 20 members of the club arrived for some film time. The park had us dress up in skeleton costumes and ride Kraken a floorless roller coaster. For this filming I was honored to be selected to ride the front car for the camera which for me was a special treat. We were able to get a couple of rides as the skeleton crew and the filming concluded. Everybody had a blast and I think this was the best filming we have done. Lots of photos below including an onride photo of the front car with me in it and a scan of the newspaper article that our stunt made.

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Kraken Roller Coaster Photos