Stark Raven Mad
Holiday World
Santa Claus, Indiana
May 30th - 31st, 2003
Event Details
Stark Raven Mad an event held every year at Holiday World. The event began as around 850 coaster enthusiasts from around the country converge for this excellent weekend event. The first night of the event was filled with an auction, dinner, industry speakers and 4 hour exclusive ride time on 2 of their great roller coasters The Raven and The Legend. The second day was highlighted by a behind the scenes photo tour to view the roller coasters up close. The event was to close with an evening ride session however a tragic accident occured and the event was closed early. Photos from the behind the scenes tour are below and some information on the accident that occured. Many thanks to Holiday World for the great hospitality and a fantastic event at the last Stark Raven Mad Event.

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Raven and Legend Roller Coaster Photos
At the end of the operating day an accident occured involving a coaster club member from New York. Tamara Fellnar a 32 year old woman was not in her seat when the coaster returned to the station. She was riding on the Raven roller coaster and fell around 70 feet to her death. Out of respect for all people involved I will not speculate on the accident. My thoughts, prayers, and well wishes for all the people who have been touched by this accident. Thanks again to Holiday World for their professional handling's of all things that happend at
Stark Raven Mad 2003