Sunday at the Beech
Beech Bend Park
Bowling Green, Kentucky
June 1st, 2003
Event Details
This event was held at Beech Bend Park located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Around 20 members of the American Coaster Enthusiasts arrived for a day of riding rides, some putt putt golf and a picnic dinner. Beech Bend is a smaller family type amusement park with an attached drag strip and raceway. The park has a good collection of mostly new fair and carnival type flat rides and are developing a new water park. This year the park is adding a new set of water slides as part of a $2,000,000.00 investment of new rides and other various improvements to the park. The weather was nice and all the rides were open and operating with no waiting as the park was not very crowded. Below are some photos from the event showing both of the roller coasters and a couple photos of the new water slides under construction.

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Various Ride and Roller Coaster Photos