FLCC Invasion
Wild Adventures
Valdosta, Georgia
September 22nd, 2001
Event Details
Entering the park at 9:00 am members of the Florida Coaster Club were ready for some exclusive ride time on Cheetah a new wooden roller coaster built by Custom Coasters Inc. We were treated to an hour and a half of ride time on the Cheetah roller coaster. As the park was opening for the day our ride session spilled out all over the park. Any ride that was testing or running we could get on and ride which was a real treat for the all the club members. Other park perks was a lunch of your choosing at any location at the park and we were given special parking privileges in the back area of the park. Wild Adventures is a well balanced park with lots of things to do not only being an amusement park they have several water rides and a small zoo. The club enjoyed all the great rides and had a fantastic time at Wild Adventures.

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Cheetah Roller Coaster Photos