Discovery IMAX Filming
Busch Gardens
Tampa, Florida
September 11th, 2001
Event Details
The Discovery Channel invited members of the Florida Coaster Club to ride Kumba a steel roller coaster for an upcoming IMAX film. Check in was at 530 am as around 30 members of the club arrived to participate in the filming. We were filmed a couple times riding the roller coaster as the film crews did there work. Between one of the film runs we were treated to a special surprise as Busch Gardens staff members just happend to be walking a couple of baby tigers recently purchased by the park. It was a great morning with lots of rides on Kumba and an up close view of the tigers. As we finished up with our last film run enjoying a fine day in Florida riding roller coasters we started to get information about the Terrorist Attacks on this country.  Later in the day we were escorted from the park by police because they had closed the park do to the terrorist attacks. What a crazy day in the life of a coaster enthusiast.

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Tigers, Kumba Roller Coaster and the Aftermath Photos