The Learning Channel Filming
Islands of Adventure
Orlando, Florida
February 29th, 2000
Event Details
The Florida Coaster Club was invited to do some more film time for The Learning Channel. This filming was on Dueling Dragons a B&M built dueling inverted pair of roller coasters. The filming was for The Learning Channels show called The Secret World of Amusement Parks Part 2. We arrived at 7:00 am for check in and the filming was for about an hour. We were able to ride a couple of times during the filming. We were welcome to stay in the park the rest of the day and we were paid $1.00 for our participation in the filming. Just think a group of professional roller coaster enthusiasts which there is a picture of the group below. What a great job if you can get it and everybody had a great time being a professional coaster enthusiast. Below are photos of Dueling Dragons and the group photo.

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Dueling Dragons Roller Coaster Photos