Events & Trips of 2000
Listing of roller coaster tours, trips, events and gathering sponsord
 by Amusement Parks and Roller Coaster Clubs.
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The Learning Channel Filming
Islands of Adventure
Orlando, Florida
February 29th, 2000
Film time on Dueling Dragons.
FLCC Oldtown Gathering
Kissimmee, Florida
February 29th, 2000
Club gathering with ride discounts.
Coaster Mania 2000
Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio
June 2nd, 2000
Annual park event with ERT.
URC on the SOB
Paramounts Kings Island
Kings Mills, Ohio
June 3rd, 2000
Gathering of enthusiasts for ERT.
American Flag Fly-by
Sea World Florida
Orlando, Florida
June 30th, 2000
Publicity stunt on Kraken.
Kraken Media Day
Sea World Adventure Park
Orlando, Florida
May 25th, 2000
Media preview of new roller coaster.
FLCC Invasion
Paramounts Kings Dominion
Doswell, Virginia
October 1st, 2000
FLCC event with ERT.
Scream Fest
Busch Gardens
Williamsburg, Virginia
September 30th, 2000
MACC attack at the Gardens.
Hurricane Party
Dania Beach, Florida
November 4th, 2000
FLCC event with ERT.
FLCC Conference
Wingate Hotel
Orlando, Florida
November 18th, 2000
FLCC gathering and convention.
Trip Report
Six Flags World of Adventure
Geuaga Lake, Ohio
June 1st, 2000
Side trip to ride 3 new coasters.
Events & Trips of 2000