Sneak Preview Day
Islands of Adventure
Orlando, Florida
April 25th, 1999
Event Details
First ever exclusive ride time at Islands of Adventure located in Orlando, Florida. My first roller coaster event and it was at IOA for a Sneak Preview of the newly built amusement park. We received entrance before the park opened making for a great chance to ride the new Incredible Hulk and Dueling Dragons roller coasters. The day was a test run for the park as the park was getting ready to OFFICIALLY OPEN TO THE PUBLIC with in the next week. About 10,000 people were limited for the test run day so the park could get used to crowds and see how the park operates. About 35 Florida Coaster Club members enjoyed one hour of exclusive ride time on the roller coasters before the park opened and enjoyed the rest of the day in the park. Everybody had a great time at this fantastic new amusement park. Below are a few photos of the Incredible Hulk and Dueling Dragons roller coasters.

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Dueling Dragons and Hulk Roller Coaster Photos