Spring Conference 99
Six Flags Over Georgia,
Georgia and Alabama
April 30th - May 2nd, 1999
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Spring Conference time at Six Flags Over Georgia as 300 members of the American Coaster Enthusiasts arrived for a weekend of rides and fun. The event began on Friday in which a company had rented the park so around 2000 employees and 300 ACE members had run of the park. Saturday morning brought some more rides on various roller coasters at the park. The park opened a new ride this year the Georgia Scorcher a B&M stand up roller coaster. The event concluded with a day and a half visit to Visionland in Bessemer, Alabama. Below are some photos from around 1997 of Ninja, Viper and the Georgia Cyclone roller coasters. Also below are some photos of the new Georgia Scorcher.
Photos above are Mindbender and below Ninja roller coaster taken 1997.
The group photo taken under the Ninja roller coaster.
Photo courtesy of Madonna Horcher.
Click all the photos for a larger view.
These 5 photos are the Georgia Cyclone roller coaster taken 1997.
Couple of photos of the now removed Viper taken 1997.
Couple of photos of the new Georgia Scorcher these photos taken 1999.
Spring Conference 99
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