PKD Invasion
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The Florida Coaster Club invades Paramounts Kings Dominion in Virginia. We began the event with an hour of exclusive ride time on Volcano The Blast Coaster an inverted launched roller coaster built by IntaminGA. We also received a private presentation by Paramount's managment, a special video and construction site tour of a new roller coaster HypersonicXLC. We received a great lunch and enjoyed
all the rides in the park. Thanks to the Florida Coaster Club and Paraoumounts Kings Dominion for putting together another great event and everybody had a great time. Lots of photos below from the park including Volcano, Shock Wave and Anaconda roller coasters.
Group photo taken in front of the Volcano.
The group photo courtesy of the Florida Coaster Club.
Paramounts Kings Dominion
Doswell, Virginia
October 1st, 2000
 These photos are of the Anaconda roller coaster and below is the Hurler.
 Click all the photos for a larger view.
 The photos above are of the Shock Wave roller coaster.
 Photos above of Volcano the Blast coaster and Rebel Yell is to the left side.
PKD Invasion
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