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Paramount's Great America invited coaster enthusiasts to help celebrate 118 years of roller coaster history with an event called Coaster Palooza. The event began with a 30 minute exclusive ride time on Psyco Mouse followed by a one hour long ride session on Stealth the world's first flying roller coaster. Special discounts on souvenirs and a buffet lunch with all you can drink soda and beer. The highlight of the day was a special behind the scenes tour of the park. We began with a tour of the mechanics area where they work on roller coaster cars known as the Coaster Shop. We also took a walk over to the area where the park stores it's old rides and other things. We then came to Stealth with some great views from the other side of the ride. Below are various photos from the tour and few photos of some of the rides. We all had a great time and thanks to Paramount's Great America for inviting us to the event.
Coaster Palooza
Event sponsored by:
Great America
San Jose, California
June 15th, 2002
Photos above of the flying coaster Stealth. and below are photos from the behind the scenes tour and the coater shop.
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B&M wheel assemble,
cost $1100.00.
 wheel assemble.
Coaster Palooza
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