Coaster Quest
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 Today I attended Coaster Quest a roller coaster event held by CoasterFusion at Kings Island in Kings Mill Ohio. Around 30 members of Club CoasterFusion meet for a day of roller coasters and fun. With a check in at 8:30 am to grab our cool event T-shirts and custom buttons created for the event. We did a group photo got registered and headed for our morning ERT on Diamondback a B&M hyper coaster. As part of our event we were invited to take part in the parks season pass ride time for an hour before the park opens to the public. It was not very crowded and I was able to get 7 rides on Diamondback including a front seat ride.  After our ride time I had a little time to spend so hit the Beast and headed for our group meet and photo under the large tower. The next few hours I spent getting ride credits on Firehawk, Flying Ace and Stunt coaster along with doing lots of photos of most of the roller coasters in the park. At 3:00 pm it was time for the highlight of the day a behind the scene tour of the Beast roller coaster. Normally all you see is the lift hill of this amazing roller coaster as the ride is on 35 acres of wooded land with no views of it except while on the ride. After the tour it was time for dinner which was a buffet of chicken, pulled pork, hot dogs, potato salad and baked beans. During dinner there was a raffle for prizes and a few club announcements. So that was it for the first Club CoasterFusion event at Kings Island. It was a great day at the park with lots of great roller coasters and a beautiful day for photos. Below are photos of just about all the roller coasters at the park and a couple of thrill rides. Look forward to the next event.
Kings Island
Kings Mill, Ohio
August 12th, 2012
Various photos of the Backlot Stunt Coaster.
Coaster Quest
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Various photos of the Vortex roller coaster.
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Various photos of Invertigo roller coaster.
Various photos of The Racer roller coaster.
Various photos of Flight Deck roller coaster.
The soon to be removed Son of Beast roller coaster.
Various photo of the Firehawk roller coaster.
Various photo of Diamondback roller coaster.
Various photo of Windseeker and Woodstock Express roller coaster.
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