Led Zeppelin First To Ride
Hard Rock Park
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
April 15th, 2008
Event Details

The day finally arrived for the First To Ride event on the Led Zeppelin the Ride Roller Coaster. The Hard Rock Park did an auction for people to be the first to ride the new roller coaster at this brand new amusement park. The day began with a short speech from CEO Steven Goodwin. We then headed for the Q house, once inside there were large Zeppelin displays and lots of music. Once in the Q house you are shown a small video and then into another room where you are shown some concert footage of the band. Then it was time for our ride on the new Led Zeppelin roller coaster. Lots of media were on hand for the historic first ride with lots of photos and interviews. After our ride we were given our other prizes that were part of the auction including: park hat, Zeppelin T'shirt, bag tag, the signed Led Zeppelin poster and a couple extra tickets to get back into the park for its Sound Check later in the day. All in all it was a great experience and always great to do a little for charity in which almost $10,000.00 was raised. Below you will find a collection of all the different certificates for the charity, lots of photos of the Led Zeppelin roller coaster and other various photos from the days activities. 
Some inside the Q house photos.
Click all the photos for a larger view.
A close up look at the trains and the sound system.
The announcement by CEO Steven Goodwin.
Some photos from inside the exit shop and some of the merchandise.
An onride and we got a front seat photo for our collections.
The signed Led Zeppelin poster.
And the other things given to us by the park.
Lots of various photos of the Zeppelin coaster.
Led Zeppelin First To Ride
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