NAPHA Says Good Bye
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This event sponsored by National Amusement Park Historical Association was at a small privately owned park. Hillcrest Park opened in 1950 and will close forever at the end of this season. There is some information that the Little Dipper coaster may be saved from destruction and relocated to another park. Around 150 people from all over the country including Canada arrived for a last chance to ride the Little Dipper roller coaster. The owners were on hand for a lengthy discussion about the parks history and NAPHA held an auction for various roller coaster parts and amusement park memorabilia. The park was for private parties up to 5000 guests at a time. The park also has a bumper cars ride, a merry go round and a kiddie whip. Later that day we also went to another small park called Kiddieland also located in Chicago, Illinois. Kiddieland also has a Little Dipper roller coaster which is a mirror image of the one at Hillcrest Park. This park is home to many rides mostly carnival type rides. NAPHA presented the park with a plaque to honor the park for its 75th anniversary as a kiddie park. The current owners and upper staff were on hand for the presentation. It was great to be able to get a last ride chance on the Little Dipper at Hillcrest Park and fun to attend Kiddieland. We all had a fantastic time at both parks.
Hillcrest Park and Kiddieland
Chicago, Illinois
July 25th, 2003
Some photos from Kiddieland and the plaque presentation.
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Above are various photos of the Little Dipper at Hillcrest Park.
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NAPHA Says Good Bye
And a group photo of part of the group.
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