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Time for the annual Coaster Mania event held at Cedar Point located in Sandusky, Ohio. The event began at 7:00 am with registration starting at 5:00 am. Around 2500 coaster enthusiasts from all over the United States and parts of the world converge on Cedar Point for exclusive ride times and other perks. First up were rides on Millennium Force a new roller coaster built this year by IntaminAG. This coaster features a 300 foot drop at 80 degrees down and speeds around 92 miles per hour. I was able to get 3 rides during the morning ride session. The ride is amazing with the insane heights and speed. We gathered for lunch and a Q & A with park representatives. The event ended with midnight rides on Magnum XL200 another great roller coaster at the park. Below are lots of photos of various roller coasters at Cedar Point.
Coaster Mania 2000
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Photos above are of Millennium Force.
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Group photo of FLCC members and Coaster Zombies.
Photo courtesy of Jim Olsen.
Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio
June 2nd, 2000
Photos above are Raptor and below are Corkscrew.
Photos on the left are Wildcat, center Iron Dragon, the right are Gemini.
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Above are photos of Mantis.
Coaster Mania 2000
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